NANBF Men's Physique Guidelines


The Men’s Physique category is for men who have a healthy-looking, fit body with good symmetry and balance. Competitors should have good posture and stage presence, while maintaining a neatly groomed look. Extreme size and leanness like with the bodybuilding category should be avoided.


Competitors will compete in board shorts, with no shirt or shoes. Shorts should be just above the knee in length and can be any color and pattern but should be free of large distracting logos. Athletes will be warned about improper board shorts and are advised to contact show promoter if you are concerned it does not meet specifications. No jewelry or body accessories are permitted (except for wedding bands which are allowed).


Men’s Physique competitors are permitted to crossover to Classic Physique or Men’s Bodybuilding.


The use of performance-enhancing substances is never permitted. All competitors must successfully pass a polygraph screen prior to competition.

Judging criteria

Judging is based on having an overall athletic, lean physique with good symmetry and balance. Competitors should have a V-shape form from the shoulders to the waist. Stomach area, calves, and thighs (if shown) should be muscular and tight from all angles. Poise, posture, confidence, stage presence with personality are also judged. Other factors that can affect overall appearance are grooming (hair and facial hair), tan color, suit fit, and smile.


Photo & Video credit Liquid Spectrum 

Group comparisons

Each class is brought to front center stage and is guided through quarter turns as a group by the head judge, to display their physique from front, side and back. 

  • Front Pose - Competitors will face the judges. Feet remain parallel but some lateral positioning of the feet is acceptable. Arms may be held at the sides or one hand on a hip. This should not look like a bodybuilding front relaxed pose. Clinching of the fists is not preferred.

  • Side Poses - Competitors hips face side of the stage, heads turned toward the judges. Shoulders may be turned toward the judges in order to accentuate their V-taper. One hand on a hip. Feet shall be staggered.

  • Back Pose - Competitors facing back stage. Lats should be spread to display V-taper. Hands may be held at the sides or one hand on hip.                                                            

Individual presentation stage walks

The individual presentation portion is a stage walk.  This portion of the show is for the crowd and gives the competitor a chance to win a "Best Presenter" or "Best Poser" award. Competitors walk out to House music of the promoter's choice and perform a T-walk or the L-walk.


T-walks consists of walking out from rear center stage, do a single pose, then walk to front center stage turn and walk to stage left and do two poses, then walk to stage right do two poses, then walk to the front center of the stage doing the final two poses then exit the stage.  For the L-walk, walk from center stage to either right or left stage. Do the same amount of poses in three spots in a straight line, then leave the stage. *This walk may be modified at the Promoters discretion.


Individual presentations should be done tastefully and be conducive to a family atmosphere. Bodybuilding-type poses, fitness moves (like push-ups) and costumes/props should be avoided.