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NANBF Transformation Challenge Guidelines


The Transformation Challenge category is a self-improvement competition, combining a personal body transformation along with photos and essays. One male and one female will be awarded a grand prize and their inspiring story will be featured on NANBF media outlets. Top five Transformation competitors will be recognized and awarded at the competition.


Competitors will wear workout clothes for their photos that allow progress to be seen. All clothing must be in good taste. Competitors will wear workout clothing to accept their award on stage.


Competitors are not required to compete in any other bodybuilding categories, but are eligible to crossover into other categories if they choose to do so.


The use of performance-enhancing substances is never permitted. All competitors must successfully pass a polygraph screen prior to competition. Competitors may not complete if they’ve had any weight loss surgery (such as bariatric, gastric bypass, gastric band, etc.) or skin removal surgery within a year of the competition date. 

NANBF Membership required.


Photo guidelines

Competitors will submit two sets of photos: one set to display their starting physique and one to display their final physique. Arms should be at sides in all poses (front/side/back). Photos should be taken against a plain background. Copyrighted photos will not be accepted unless a signed release of use to the NANBF is provided.


For both the initial starting photos and the final photos, the competitor must have a newspaper included in photo 1 or some other time stamp approved by promoter (full body posed from the front) showing the date when taken. With each sets of photos, report the weight and an in-body scan report (or similar body competition report approved by promoter).


Initial starting photos: Three photos should be taken to display your starting physique. They must have been taken less than 1 year (364 days or less) prior to the competition. Photo 1 – full body picture posed from the front. Photo 2 – full body posed from the side. Photo 3 – full body posed from the back.


Final photos:  Three photos should be taken to display your final physique. These must be taken and submitted 2 weeks before the date of the competition (or earlier by promoter’s discretion). Photo 1 – full body picture posed from the front. Photo 2 – full body posed from the side. Photo 3 – full body posed from the back.


Essay criteria

Competitors must submit a 250-word maximum essay along with the 6 photos no later than the deadline. Competitor essays will be read allowed by emcee. They will only be judged on content, not delivery. Essays must be written in English.

The essay must answer the following questions:

  1. What was your motivation to change?

  2. How did you accomplish your goal?

  3. How do you intend to maintain changes for the long-term?

  4. Who do you want to thank?

Judging criteria

A five to seven judge panel will review photos and essays prior to the day of the show to become familiar with each competitor. On show day, competitors will have their essays read aloud by emcee along with their initial and final progress pictures displayed. Competitors will be scored and placed (1st, 2nd, 3rd...) according to their photos and essays. Entries are judged based on physical transformation over the time span, including body fat lost, muscle gained, challenges overcome and on the articulation of that transformation through the essay. The top 5 will come out and accept their award on competition day, wearing workout attire.

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