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xtreme fit


Standing Relaxed: In this round, the class shall stand together in a line facing the judges and will be in a relaxed position. The Head Judge will call for a series of quarter turns to the competitor’s right.  The judges will look for the competitor’s degree of perfection for perfect symmetry, overall muscular development as each muscle group relates to the total appearance, as well as the degree of body fat and water retention.


Individual Free Style Posing: This round is designed for the competitor to highlight their strength, flexibility, aerobic conditioning, and originality in the fashion of their favorite poses and movements and should be choreographed to the music of their choice. In the freestyle posing routine, each competitor takes the stage alone and performs for a period of 120 seconds. The Judge will look for the competitors␣ ability to display their favorite parts as well as the ability to favorably present her/his weak parts along with their flexibility, strength, aerobic conditioning and originality of routine. Judges will also assess the competitors’ presentation in regard to the smooth flow of movement, fluid transitions, the artistic ability to present poses, and the ability to incorporate dance and gymnastics.


Xtreme fit is NOT a fitness competition. The competitors will not be compared in footwear or clothing such as evening gowns or swimwear.  The competitors’ routine becomes very important and must be carefully viewed for the above-mentioned criteria. In the other judging round, standing relaxed, the judges must carefully critic for symmetry as previously defined and overall muscular development. Is the competitor ‘fit”, with noticeable athletic ability, strength, and proper aerobic conditioning? Does the competitor have proper symmetry and muscularity, referring to the shape/contour of the muscles and muscle groups with proper muscle tone and firmness with a lack of fat and water under the skin?


Xtreme Fit is NOT a Bodybuilding competition. Symmetry is still by definition the same as for the bodybuilders. However, stage presence becomes very important as well as the individual routine. Muscularity is still judged but in view of the competitors being ”fit” verse for overall muscularity including size, vascularity but more for proper toning and firmness as well as lack of body fat and water retention. The judges are not looking for the eating disorder look, but instead for an athletic appearance obtained by proper training and preparation.


Keep in mind the presentation score is not the routine, but the competitors composure on the stage from their stain, their stance, their posing ability, their suit fit (women overuse or underuse of makeup), excessive tattoos or body piercing, their ability to stand still without unnecessary movement to distract the judges. Does their stain run, is it even or do they even have any on? Do they have too much oil or not enough oil? Are they listening to the judges, are they playing the stage fair with the other competitors or are they trying to block out their opponents? Are they chewing gum, looking down without any eye contact to the judges or audience? This round must be judged very critically.

However, there must be a score for the stage presence in the morning show.





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