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NANBF Xtreme Fit Guidelines


The Xtreme Fit category is for women who want to highlight their strength, flexibility, aerobic conditioning and originality through choreographed music. They should be ‘fit’ with noticeable athletic ability and strength. Symmetry, like in bodybuilding, is judged however stage presence is extremely important.


For the group comparison round, competitors wear a two-piece suit and high heels. The bottom of the suit must be v-shaped. No thongs are permitted. All suits must be in good taste. Athletes will be warned about improper suits and are advised to contact show promoter if you are concerned your suit does not meet specifications. The fronts of the suits should not be too low and must be constructed higher. Competitors may wear jewelry.


For the individual free-style posing routine, competitors will wear athletic attire or a costume that they are able to move around in freely.


Crossovers are permitted to Bikini, Figure, Women’s Physique or Women’s Bodybuilding.


The use of performance-enhancing substances is never permitted. All competitors must successfully pass a polygraph screen prior to competition.

Judging criteria

The judges will look for the competitor’s degree of perfection for perfect symmetry, overall muscular development as each muscle group relates to the total appearance, as well as the degree of body fat and water retention.


The Judge will look for the competitor’s flexibility, strength, aerobic conditioning and originality of individual routine. Judges will also assess the competitors’ presentation in regard to the smooth flow of movement, fluid transitions, the artistic ability to present poses, and the ability to incorporate dance and gymnastics.


Group comparisons

Competitors will come on stage by class, facing the judges to determine the most balanced physique. Competitors will start facing the judges, then they will be instructed to perform quarter turns - turning to the left side, turning to the back, turning to the right side, and then facing the judges again.

Individual presentation and stage walks

This round is designed for the competitor to highlight their strength, flexibility, aerobic conditioning, and originality in the fashion of their favorite poses and movements and should be choreographed to the music of their choice. In the freestyle posing routine, each competitor takes the stage alone and performs for a period of 120 seconds.

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