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NANBF Figure competition participants must be age 13 or older. Current membership to NANBF is required of all competitors to participate in NANBF events. All NANBF shows are natural events, meaning the use of performance-enhancing substances is not permitted. Competitors must successfully pass a polygraph screening prior to events to attest to their natural status.



The NANBF Figure division consists of Group Comparisons.  Individual presentations (stage walks) are only performed at finals. Two-piece suits and high-heeled shoes are worn for both parts of the contest. Suits can be of any style, color, and pattern with the exception of being a thong/T-back bottom. The judging focus in Figure is on symmetry. Symmetry means balanced muscularity coupled with pleasing structural ratios of leg length to upper body as well as width of the shoulders to the hips and thighs. The competitors should try to create what is referred to as the X frame on stage. Leanness is not as emphasized as is in Bodybuilding but this class should present muscle separation top and bottom with muscle fullness most importantly to compliment the physique. Overly striated muscle in not encouraged and can detract from your score. Posing should be presented to bolster your symmetry not to take away from it or distorting your physique balance.

Judging criteria


The judging is comprised of two (2) co-equal rounds: Symmetry and Presentation rounds. Competitors are require to have a two-piece swimsuit and high heel shoes Suits may be enhanced with sequins, sparkles and rhinestones. Additional jewelry may be worn e.g., necklace, earrings and bracelet. The style of suit, heels and accessories should complement the physique and not distract from. Thongs are prohibited. Music will be played during the presentation round; the promoter will determine the choice of music played.


Round 1:

Symmetry/Physique (overall fit appearance) (Both Ranked) Competitors will be judged in a group. Mandatory 1/4 turns will be performed in this round. The objective is to showcase your overall symmetry. A toned physique, proportion, femininity and poise. The turns should not be hard; rather soft feminine turns. The NANBF Figure class will focus on the physique. A fit physique is encouraged, muscular development is not discouraged but overly bulky and striated muscles are. An overly soft physique is also discouraged.


round 2:

Presentation (Ranked Against Self 1-5) Each competitor is judged individually. Competitors will walk stage left, stage right, center stage and then exit (or at promoter's discretion). Judges will score based upon three key elements. Appearance (which includes tone, complexion and color), Style (includes creativity with choice of suit, heels, and grooming), and Stage presence (gracefulness on stage, walk and confidence). Judges will consider all aspects of these elements and determine a ranking against their self on a 1-5 scale based upon the presentation. The score for both rounds will be tallied together to give the judges an overall rating and a final placing.


Group Comparisons and Body Evaluations

Classes are separated by height unless the promoter feels that one class is sufficient for the number of competitors entered. Heights are however variable in order to make classes as even as possible in size. You will come on to the stage in your height class facing the judges in your relaxed pose that compliments your physique. Competitors are then instructed to face the judges. Hips are square to the judges and heels and toes together for the first of three quarter turns to the right. You will be instructed by the head judge to turn to your left side with your head pointed in the direction your body is facing, then you will turn facing the back of the stage, turn the right side head facing in your body direction and then facing the judges again. You may go through several of these turns in order to accurately judge the group. You will be asked to move on stage up and down the lineup. In the case of large classes, you will be a move in groups and judged then we will do call outs. This is so judges on all ends can see you better matching you up etc. This is to make sure we are placing you accurately. As with all classes in our contests, we have seven judges scoring. We throw out a high and low score and take the average for your final placing score.



individual presentation and stage walks



The individual presentation portion for NANBF Figure competitions is a stage walk. This portion of the show is to showcase your physique for the spectator's enjoyment. It also gives the competitor a chance to win a "Best Presenter" or "Best Poser" award.  Competitors walk out to House music of the promoter's choice and perform a walk determined by the promoter. They are referred to as "T" walk or the newer "L" walk. "T" walks consists of walking out from rear center stage, do a single pose, then walk to front center stage turn and walk to stage left and do two poses, then walk to stage right do two poses , then walk to the front center of the stage doing your final two poses then exit the stage from where you started.  For the "L" walk you normally walk from center stage either right or left stage. You will do the same amount of poses in three spots in a straight line leaving the stage on whichever side takes you backstage.  Individual presentations should be done tastefully and be conducive to a family atmosphere. Bodybuilding-type poses, fitness moves (like push-ups) and costumes/props should be avoided.

*This walk may be modified at the Promoters discretion.

Additional Information:

  • Jewelry is permitted

Crossovers (entering additional divisions/categories) are permitted to Figure, Women's Physique or Bodybuilding.




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